In legal practice, the use of many documents is linked to their notarization. These certifications serve to confirm the authenticity of a document (in the case of document certification) or the authenticity of a signature (in the case of signature certification). As a notary, I confirm in such cases either that a copy corresponds to the original document or that a specific person has signed a document in their own hand. It should be noted, however, that the content of the declaration is not verified during notarization unless this is expressly requested by you.

If a notarized document is to be used internationally, an additional formality in the form of an apostille or legalization is required. I will be happy to assist you with this as well and initiate the necessary procedure.

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Regardless of whether you only require notarial advice at this point in time or are looking for a notarization: We offer you the option of entering all the necessary information directly into a customized online form and then sending it to us securely in encrypted form. In this way, we can suggest a suitable appointment efficiently and quickly.

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