The precautionary administration of justice is increasingly becoming the subject of notarial activity.

We advise and notarize for you in particular:

General power of attorney

Health care proxy

Living will

Care directive

Custody order

Spousal representation law

Illness, accidents, advancing age - nobody likes to deal with these things. Nevertheless, it is a fact that we age and no one is immune to unexpected strokes of fate. But what happens if you are suddenly no longer able to manage your own affairs? Who makes decisions about medical treatment or care? If you don't take precautionary measures yourself, you often leave these decisions to strangers, as the court appoints a legal guardian in such cases. It is therefore crucial to think ahead and make your own conscious arrangements for such situations.

In my role as your notary, I am at your side to clarify these sensitive issues and develop tailor-made and legally secure solutions. The notarial deeds we draw up are characterized by a particularly high probative value and offer numerous advantages over privately drafted documents.

As part of the precautionary administration of justice, the notary is the point of contact for questions relating to the creation of general powers of attorney, health care proxies, living wills and care directives.

If someone is to be granted power of representation for all transactions for which representation is permitted, this is referred to as a general power of attorney. This extensive power of attorney should be carefully considered and, in particular, questions as to whether individual legal areas/transactions are excluded, whether authorized representatives can act individually or only jointly or whether the general power of attorney also applies beyond death should be clarified in advance.

It is not always possible for those involved to make appropriate provisions at an early stage. If necessary, the notary also carries out notarizations outside his office within his official area, for example in the home, in retirement and nursing homes or in hospital. The official area of the notaries who have their official seat in the district of the Bremen Local Court includes the districts of the Bremen and Bremen-Blumenthal Local Courts; therefore, notarization work can be carried out outside my office in the entire municipality of Bremen, unless special legitimate interests of those seeking justice require action outside the official area. Irrespective of this, parties can always come to the - barrier-free - offices.

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Regardless of whether you only require notarial advice at this point in time or are looking for a notarization: We offer you the option of entering all the necessary information directly into a customized online form and then sending it to us securely in encrypted form. In this way, we can suggest a suitable appointment efficiently and quickly.

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