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In the case of marriage and partnership, the notary advises and notarizes.

Our range of services includes

Marriage contracts

Separation and divorce settlement agreements

Adoption applications

The decision to enter into a partnership - whether marital or not - is undoubtedly one of the most significant steps in your life. But living together also raises legal issues that need to be considered, such as What happens to our assets? Am I liable for my partner's debts? What happens in the event of a separation?

The law provides regulations for this, but most of them date back to the early 20th century and are tailored to the traditional model of the "one-earner marriage". It is therefore advisable to consult a notary about the existing legal regulations and to check whether these correspond to your mutual ideas or should be adapted by means of a marriage contract. A marriage contract is therefore an expression of self-determined cohabitation. In my role as a notary, my neutral position enables me to mediate between the partners' differing interests and ensure that all agreements are fair and balanced.

 Particularly in marriages in which one partner runs a business, is a shareholder and/or managing director of a GmbH or a limited partner (so-called entrepreneurial marriage), consideration should be given to concluding a marriage contract if this is not already required on the basis of a partnership agreement. This can be done even before the marriage. The structuring options are not limited to the separation of property - the statutory matrimonial property regime of community of accrued gains can also be modified.

If circumstances change during the marriage, the notarial deed should be amended.

If the marriage is about to end, a notarized separation and divorce settlement agreement can be drawn up, for example on pension equalization and separation maintenance, in order to avoid conflicts.

If the partners live together without a marriage certificate, the notary will advise on options for protection - e.g. when buying a house.

Adoptions of minors and adults are also part of his notarial work.

We are happy to advise you not only on marriage, but also on other family issues.

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Regardless of whether you only require notarial advice at this point in time or are looking for a notarization: We offer you the option of entering all the necessary information directly into a customized online form and then sending it to us securely in encrypted form. In this way, we can suggest a suitable appointment efficiently and quickly.

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